About Eva

Hi I’m Eva, and this is my blog. I’m quiet, kind and totally organized (except for the chaos in my closet, my handbags, my kitchen and my head).

T-Shirts and Jeans make me happy and I choose sneakers over heels almost every day. (Which gets me a new pair of comfy shoes every few months and leaves me with a box full of beautiful shoes that I barely wear.) I dream about buying or building a lovely house, surrounded by lots of green and sunflower fields and I don’t want to live without my love, tea and books.

I started photography some years ago during summer vacation and developed a love for artistic self-portraiture. Since I started a 9-5 job after graduating from university I shifted my creative energy into everything crafty. I still take pictures of my daily life, love baking, do some diy-project every once in a while and I make my christmas cards from scratch.

I just started posting regularly on here again, in my archives you will find mostly behind the scenes and before & after articles from my photography blog.

Follow along on the journey here on my blog (and say hi on twitter :) !).

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