Currently Reading: Young Adult Books (part 2)

Currently reading

I’m looking forward to autumn more than ever: rainy days, cozy blankets, tea, cookies, lots of books and reading.
Here are some books I’ve been enjoying recently:

We were liars by Emily Lockhart
Cadence is spending the summer on the family island and trying to remember what happened two years ago. A book about family, friends, love and lies.
Wow, this book really took me by surprise. I bought it because I liked the cover so much but the story did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the style of writing and didn’t expect the ending at all (I cried just a little and read the book a second time right away to see where I missed something).

Paper Towns by John Green
Enthralling story about teenage boy Quentin who falls in love with Margo (the girl living next door) and is trying to find her after she ran away.
I especially loved the characters in this book by John Green. And don’t worry, you will probably not need any tissues for that one as it is not as emotional as The Fault in our Stars ;-) !

The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson
A story about a girl dealing with the loss of her sister. And of course boys, messed up feelings and love.
This one was an easy read but the story wasn’t as touching as I had hoped. To me it was just another “beach read” with lot’s of (love) drama and a happy ending.

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