Top 5 female photographers on Instagram

Top 5 Female Photographers on Instagram

It’s no secret I love the community and talent on Instagram. But truth is, I’ve been following almost all of these woman’s work for years, even before Instagram was invented. That said, it’s always a pleasure to see their work pop up in my feed and get a peek into their everyday lives and photographic adventures.

Go give those ladies some love, and happy weekend everyone!

(I’ve already shared my favorite landscape photographers and young photographers on Instagram ;-) !)

1. Rockie Nolan
Fashion photographer and beautiful soul currently living in New York. Lot’s of flowers, confetti and cotton candy colors going on in her stream ;-) .

2. Sarah Rhodes
Sarah works as a photographer at one of my favorite Blogs, A Beautiful Mess. Besides images from her daily life you will also get loads of pictures of her adorable girl Imogen.

3. Lauren Randolph
Lauren is a photographer from Los Angeles, currently traveling Europe. This. Girl. Loves. Colors.

4. Chloé Jennings
Chloé is a photographer and designer who loves nature as much as I do. Her husky Nan is the cutest!

5. Cindy Loughridge
Cindy shares images from her everyday life in San Francisco and lots of portraits of her two beautiful daughters Emma and Olive

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