Not a selfie, but a self-portrait

Self-portrait Eva Thoeni - Fearless

I started a Tumblr Blog: Not-a-selfie

When I started photography over 7 years ago I was fascinated by this intriguing kind of art: self-portraiture. While taking my first attempts the word selfie was just an abbreviation and sounded way cooler than the longer version :D ! Back then, when I stretched my arms out wide and pointed my (heavy dslr) camera towards my face just for fun or the sake of documenting the moment I called it “taking a picture of myself”.

Fast forward some years and I barely dare to write the word selfie when sharing a new image with my followers on Twitter. I feel like I’m decreasing the value of my piece of art with the word I used so proudly only years ago. (You should read this article: The Un-Selfie: Taking Back the Self-Portrait). Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are putting out their faces and feelings and getting creative with their smartphone (mirror) selfies. And I know that it is hard to master a good selfie that is worth putting online ;-) . But I felt the need to make a collection (outside of my Flickr Favorites) to remind myself of the beauty and value of artistic self-portraiture. Have a look at my Tumblr Blog: Not-a-selfie

I hope you like my collection and feel free to submit your work if you want to be included in this little online gallery!

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