Top 5 young photographers on Instagram

Top Young Photographers on Instagram

You remember when I told you about my favorite landscape photographers on Instagram? Apparently you really liked that post so here are some more talented people that I’m following and whose work I adore. These are some of the most talented up and coming, young photographers on Instagram:

1. Moritz Aust, 17 years old
Very talented photographer from Germany. On his stream you find some of his fine art work, behind the scenes images and snapshots from his travels.

2. Lauren Withrow, 20 years old
I’ve been following Laurens photography for years now (I discovered her beautiful work on flickr first) and really like her style of dark and emotional portraiture. On her Instagram she also shares landscape photography from her travels.

3. Laura Zalenga, 24 years old
I’ve also been a big fan of Lauras photography for years. On Instagram she shares colorful images from her life and the most beautiful sunsets in Munich.

4. David Urbanke, 19 years old
David is probably one of the very best fashion photographers in New York. I’m especially loving his coverage of New York Fashion Week. On Instagram he shares his latest work and many favorites from older photo shoots.

5. Emma Loughridge
I’ve been a fan of Emmas work on Flickr some time ago and was so happy when I discovered her Instagram account. Nobody (except maybe her mother Cindy) can capture everyday life so beautifully. Also, loving her hair :) !

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