Behind the scenes: Magic

Magic I

Magic II

Magic III

When my alarm went off early on a saturday morning I wasn’t especially motivated to get up (I’m not a morning person at all!). But as soon as I smelled the fresh air, tripod in my hand and camera safely tucked inside my camera bag I felt ready. A smile hushed across my face and I was looking forward to my little photography adventure.

The idea for these three images had been on my mind for some days, originally inspired by Ashley Lebedev as she wrote about being proud of your images and hanging your best work in your own home. It had been too long since I last created an image and I wanted to make something I would be proud to hang on my own walls.

As I was running around in the woods, figuring out the best location and poses I felt great. But at home I was afraid to start editing. I was putting so much pressure on myself because I wanted to create 3 images I would love. After taking my time with each one of them I am very happy with the results.

I was watching and listening to the iTunes Festival Show by Coldplay while putting the final touches on the images and that’s where the title is coming from. Listening to their songs is the most relaxing (and brings up happy memories!!).

Here is a before & after of number one, and below are some behind the scenes images of this magical location.

Magic I before-after

Call it magic

Call it magic

Call it magic

Call it magic

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