Let your mind wander – How to get your creative juices flowing

Let your mind wander

Being creative is hard! I struggle with this a lot myself too. Lately I have been thinking and planning for a special project and I have really seen my creative juices coming back. Here is what I have experienced as a photographer, blog writer, crafter and creator so far:

Work that doesn’t require thinking helps a lot! This is why I get ideas for my office job in the morning while brushing my teeth … What helps with personal projects is thinking about this special project and then start doing something like ironing or washing the dishes. If I don’t commit myself to a topic first my mind will wander to anywhere (to something someone said, to a book that I’m currently reading, to what I should put on my grocery list, …). So focus is key for this exercise.

Take a notebook everywhere. I’ve only recently started to really write down ideas as I get them (because I fear I will forget them otherwise). This helps immensely at the beginning of a project or a brainstorming phase because as you write one thing down another one will pop up in your head. For me this works especially well when commuting on the train.

Wander around and let your surroundings inspire you. I’ve learned this very quickly when starting my 365days project (I took a selfportrait every day for well … it is supposed to be a year but it took me a lot longer :) haha). I would think about this special selfportrait all day and wander through the house or through nature and something would catch my attention. This could be a hat or another prop or how the light hit the wall in a beautiful way or the colors of some flowers in the garden.

Make it a habit to take time for creative thinking. If you have nothing to do don’t open Facebook, or a book or start doing some other random task just to do something. Give yourself time to get bored every day or every weekend and start thinking about whatever project you want to start right now (for example creating a new image, writing a blog post, drawing something, making a gift for a special person in your life, …)

Get inspired by beautiful words (books!), quotes (Pinterest!) or images (Flickr). But don’t spend too much time looking at other people’s work and feel pity for yourself. Set a time limit, get inspired and then turn everything off to get your own brain to work.

Go out and let your mind wander, friends :) ! And please share any tips or tricks that you find helpful.

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