Holiday Gift Guide for camera lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for camera lovers

Today I officially started shopping for holiday gifts. It. was. exhausting.
Let me take some of that stress off your shoulders, I’ve collected special gifts for the camera lover in your family. (If you are the camera lover in your family feel free to forward this article to your loved ones :) !)

Here is my holiday gift guide for photographers and camera lovers:

Holiday Gift Guide - photography books

- Photography Books
Photography books are a great way to keep inspired and learn from other creatives. I recommend Tim Walker, Brooke Shaden and the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.

Holiday Gift Guide - camera bags

- Camera Bags
Who wouldn’t want one of those cute bags? They are perfect to keep the photography gear safe and the big ones can also double as a diaper bag ;) . My favorite bags for women are by epiphanie and Kelly Moore. And here is a great bag for men called Compagnon.

Holiday Gift Guide - camera straps

- Camera Straps
For personalizing a camera. I found these cute ones here: lunaviz, mod and Capturing Couture.

Holiday Gift Guide - comfortable shoes

- Comfy Shoes
Every photographer needs one pair a lot of comfortable shoes to keep the mood up while location scouting or on a long day shooting. These Toms are cute for a wedding, the Vans are perfect for a fun day with friends and the Sorel boots keep the photographer toasty warm while hiking through the snow. (I own similar ones of all three!)

Holiday Gift Guide - camera shirts

- Cute Shirts
You can’t go wrong with these: Lovely shirt spotted at ModCloth, beautiful artwork that can be printed on various shirts (for men and women) on Redbubble and this awesome shirt by huebucket.

Bonus: - Time
This may be one of your most special gifts. Spend some time with your camera lover and assist on a photo shoot, model for testing a crazy idea or look through inspiring magazines and books together. Because “I always have time for you” is the new “I love you”.

Happy holidays everyone!

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