Dear Flickr (I am back)

Dear Flickr

Dear Flickr,

I have to admit that I did not log in for a few months since uploading my last image over a year ago in June 2012. Honestly, I do not have a good excuse, I was just busy doing other stuff. I only got back to you when you got a new design. I didn’t log in at first though, I waited for all the people to express what they were thinking. Then finally, some weeks ago I typed in my username and password and I was overwhelmed … I saw so much talent, beautiful images, awesome manipulations, great moods and colors – I couldn’t take it. So I didn’t come back for another few weeks.

Yesterday I revisited, took my time to look through some of my favorite photographer’s new images. It was a bittersweet feeling. Years ago you were everything to me. I checked new messages several times per day, spent hours browsing through awesome images, participated in groups, I met great people. And now, looking through my contacts everything and nothing has changed. A lot of the people I enjoyed to watch growing and getting better and better haven’t uploaded anything new in months or even more than a year. But my stream is full of beauty and people still add me as their contacts and tell me they miss my work and I feel so grateful for the beautiful time I had with you! I will not leave you just yet, I just uploaded a new image and can only hope that people will be happy to see me back – because I know I am.

Love always, Eva

PS: Here’s a before and after of my latest upload.

Young - before and after

Before & After: Young, but I’m not that bold.

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