5 stylish camera bags for women

5 stylish camera bags for women

1. Allison Teal – Jo Totes / 2. Lyric – epiphanie / 3. Riva bag – Kelly Moore / 4. The Bowery – ONA bags / 5. Gracie Mustard – Jo Totes

Here are my favorite camera bags that look just like a beautiful purse but keep your gear safe!

I got my very first camera bag when buying my first dslr camera years ago. It is a small, dark grey one – not particularly pretty – and I still have it and use it from time to time. But I am lazy and mostly I just wrap a scarf around my camera and put it in my purse.
Two years ago I was gifted a camera bag called Clover by epiphanie – and it is beautiful. I don’t use it often because it is pretty big (it can also fit a macbook) so I’m in for a second, smaller one.

When buying a camera bag I highly recommend looking for images with people wearing the bags. Don’t let product images fool you, most camera bags are pretty big so they can fit a lot of your gear! Also, make sure to check measurements before ordering online.

Do you also carry your camera in your purse? Or do you have a camera bag or backpack?

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