Top 5 landscape photographers on Instagram

Top Landscape Photographers on Instagram

(Update March 17, 2014: I added some more awesome photographers that I discovered recently ;-) , enjoy!)

Instagram is one of my favorite apps at the moment. It feels a lot more intimate than Twitter and I am always stardled by all the talent i see. Although people start to share non-smartphone images on Instagram more and more, it still shows that photography (and art in general) is NOT about the tools. A good photographer can take a great image with an iPhone, a toy camera or the expensive equipment. For me, Instagram is about a lovley bunch of people that I enjoy to follow along and not about the (not so great) filters.

If you need some inspiring images inbetween all the babies, selfportraits and coffee follow these 5! Here are my favorite landscape photographers on Instagram:

1. Kevin Russ
The most talented iPhone photographer I have discovered yet – great landscape photography and beautiful editing.

2. Ben Slater
Australia at it’s best (with a lot of sunrises and sunsets too :) ).

3. Jacob Santiago
Beautiful portraits of New York City.

4. Ethan McClintock
Silent places I’d love to visit too.

5. Simon Filip
Creator of Afterlight (the photo editing app) and very talented photographer too.

6. Hiroaki Fukuda
Beautiful images from his travels and the city of Tokio.

7. Johnny Bertram
Whimsical & magical, my kind of wood photography ;-)

8. Mike Seehagel
WOW, winter at it’s best on this stream.

9. Shane Black
Awesome timelaps videos and the most beautiful landscapes.


PS: Find me on Instagram too (eva_thoeni)! I will share more about my favorite photo editing apps in another blog post soon.

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