Ice Cream and other important life lessons

Ice Cream Print by twoforjoypaper

You can get this cute print on Etsy.

I love ice cream! And oh yes, there’s always room for ice cream. (My dad says this all the time so you could say I learned this one pretty early.) I enjoy ice cream on a lazy summer day in the garden, but wouldn’t say no to an ice cream dessert in winter. Some days ago I asked D if we can have ice cream – his response: “We didn’t even have lunch!” He obviously was missing the point :) .

Other than ice cream I also really like quotes. Once I have enough white walls I will decorate them with pretty prints and important life lessons that make me smile, like:
do more of what makes you happy.
- a cup of tea solves everything.
- be happy, it drives people crazy.
- when all else fails, take a nap.
- go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Have a look at all my current favorites on my pinterest board! Do you have any wise words to live by?

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