My week in pictures

This past week was pretty busy and went by so fast. I didn’t have any time at all for taking real photos to finally finish my 365days :( . But here are some happy thoughts and phone photos from these past days, enjoy.

After seeing Eclipse some weeks ago I read the book again and started with Breaking Dawn this week. I read it for the first time more than a year ago and I was really surprised that I got so emotional about it again :) . I love these books because they make me feel like being a part of the story myself. The emotions described feel so real to me.

I also read about a great photo series Rebekka did. All the huge food is real and not photoshopped. I love when photographers put so much effort in their images. Have a look at Rebekkas blog for more information and photos.

I made a heart shaped cake with grapes this week too.

Ashley Lebedev (also known as Bottle Bell) is running a great project. Everyone can create his or her own “inspire pages” and she will make a book out of all the pages she gets. Have a look at her blog (scroll down to 7.) for more information on this project).

I drank a lot of orangeade and ate apricots also.

Have a great weekend everyone and tell me what you did this week in comments or contact

me on twitter and formspring (see links on the right).

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