Empty inside

Someone asked on formspring if I could do a tutorial on how I did make “Empty inside”. I did this image over 1,5 years ago and still get lovely comments for it, thank you so much. For me, looking at my old work can be quite awkward sometimes. I didn’t even know what shooting RAW meant by this time, did not know anything about using flashes (I don’t know too much about that yet :) ) but I feel like I was so happy to try out new things back then. I can see that I am stuck in my comfort zone very much now and need to start trying new things again.

But now let’s have a quick look at the final image and the two original ones I used.

The important thing with this kind of images is that you shoot both images at the same angle. With editing I first used the stamp tool to remove my hair on the right side and replace it with skin. Then I cut out the bowl and placed it on my head. You may need to resize it to fit your head. Furthermore I lightened the background to make it white everywhere with a white brush and the dodge tool. Finally I did adjust the tones.

I hope that this one did help you and was interesting too. Please leave a message or twitter me if you have any further questions.

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