Tutorial 1/3 – The photo shoot

Finally I did shoot some photos today. And here is my first tutorial. Someone suggested to make more parts about how I shoot and my editing. This series will contain 3 tutorials:

  • The photo shoot
  • The levitation
  • The huge flower

Let’s start with tutorial #1:

First of all you need an idea in mind. I try to imagine how the photo should look like when it’s done. Then I take my camera, tripod and remote to a location. I do shoot in RAW, that means I do save my photos in a special format that allows me to do more adjustments later with editing. I set up the tripod and try different angles and distances. I do make my camera settings manual most of the time (so I have the same settings for every photo, this will make life much easier with editing). If you are not sure about these settings do one photo with automatic mode and have a look at the settings the camera has chosen.

To get myself focused I do one photo with automatic focusing using my remote:

Check the focus by zooming in the photo on your camera display. Then change to manual focus (the camera will use the focus you did automatically before).

Now it’s time for posing :) . Set your remote timer to 2 seconds or higher (it depends on your camera and/or remote where to do those settings). For levitation photos you will probably need a chair or something to sit on. Point at your camera, press the button, hide the remote and pose. Take some photos and keep checking them on your display without moving the camera!!!

For an easy editing you will also need one photo without you and the chair. Take care with shadows here. You may want to hold something into the air to create a similar shadow (than the one you did create before).

Now you are allowed to move your camera again :) . For this idea I also needed a photo of a flower. The flower must be shot at the same angle and it would also be wise to use the same background(colors).

Think once more whether you have all the photos you need and then you can turn your camera off.

To sum up:

  • have an idea in mind before shooting
  • do use manual settings and manual focus
  • don’t move your camera until you have all the photos you need
  • don’t forget to shoot an empty photo for levitation
  • have fun :)

I hope you enjoyed this first part of my tutorials series and come back for more soon. #2 will contain how to do a levitation and in #3 I will show you how I put a huge flower in my hand.

Please comment about your experiences and tips!

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  3. Exceptional tutorial! You saved me a lot of hair pulling. Really, thanks.

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