It takes time

Lately I have been faced with two totally different situations several times a day. On the one hand I have hardly any time to think about photo ideas, shoot or simply relax. On the other hand I waste so much time with waiting for the train, sitting in the train, … Universitiy claims so much effort and time these days and exams have not even started.

I have this huge project in mind and would love to put all my energy into it, so sad I can’t really start until summer. I try to use my “sitting in the train and looking out of the window” time to collect ideas and get things organized now. Although trains are not the most inspiring places I know. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck :) ! You will get more infos soon when everything is a bit clearer in my mind.

One Response to It takes time

  1. herve says:

    Be inspired, do not worry about the lack of time ;-)

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