Days like this

Today I made a huge origami ice cream for my photo shoot. It was so much fun. My boyfriend made me a cute little origami ice cream some time ago, so I had this idea for a photo in my mind for some weeks now. The sun was shining today and for the first time in months I didn’t feel cold whilst taking photos outside. I love that it is nearly spring :) , spring is my favourite season. I also feel like I want to move on with my photography and take photos of others more often.

I also take part in a competition and still need many many votes to catch up with the others. Please have a look at my photos and vote for me here. (you have to sign up or login with fb to vote)

Furthermore I’m working on a new website with my boyfriend. I wanted something easier to update and loading the photos quicker. My blogdesign will also change in the near future.

Here are some outtakes from today, enjoy and have a great week :)

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